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Who's your favorite band member of all time in any band?


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I would have to say my favorite member of weezer is Rivers Cuomo

And all the other bands i love their lead singers too

i guess i have a thing for lead singers

Guy is the exception to coldplay, but dont get me wrong i love chris too and jonny and will

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Ahh....it's impossible to pick 1 but i will anyways


Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys - he was an absolute genius in my opinion


he's kinda my fave in terms of music, in terms of live performances/showmen -


Matt Bellamy of Muse, oh my god how he does not die of exhaustion or from getting brain damage from the amount of times he smashes his head on his guitar/stage/audience members i'll never know.

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yeah i see all that kind of stuff too like when singers hit there heads with their fist when there singing i know that sounds stupid but i've seen it done. i went show and saw a guy hit his self on accident with his microphone. it wasnt a big band,but that guy felt pretty stupid

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Paul McCartney from the Beatles. Love love Paul. He rocks my world. :D


Chris Martin from Coldplay. Need I explain? ;)


Fran Healy from Travis ... he has a gorgeous voice, writes great songs, is hilarious and just generally a sweet, down-to-earth guy. :)



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Although, for as long as I can remember, I've had a thing for Larry Mullen of U2, I've always thought Adam Clayton is the epitome of cool.


And speaking of bass players, Guy......Guy is good. :)

Guy is wonderful :lol:
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It really sounds so lame considering that everyone here loves Coldplay here. But what can I say? It is the truth... 8)

the first time i read that...what you said didnt sound all too friendly...yeah but what we going to do about that its not are fault that they're so good and good looking... 8) :lol:

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It didn't sound friendly? Woops, I didn't intend that... It's just that it's no surprise picking Chris so I wanted to point out it was not so original of me to say that...

I love Coldplay, too!! So we're in this together... :wink:

And you're totally right - they are good AND good-looking... :D

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