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i love the 90's

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I know I'm old now that someone started a thread called.. the 90's. I used to be like that for the 80's.


The Power Rangers were on Fox. Sorry, but I thought their acting was really fake. :/ I was sad when it replaced the other cartoons at the time.. :(

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I love VH1 for making I love the 80's and 90's...its sooo funny how lame things were back then. I haven't been able to see an episode of the 90's yet :( but I hope to really soon, because that was my childhood! It totally brings you back. And the people who comment on it are too funny. Now I wanna watch it really bad, oh wait, I'm at work. :angry: :cry: :snore:

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I'm really getting tired of VH1 and their instant nostalgia. The 90's were only five years ago! It wasn't that long ago. And I don't know where or why they get these people who do the commentary, but they're SO ANNOYING. I don't need six different b-list celebrities in a row to tell me "wow, the Spice Girls used to be so popular."


And now they've got this show "Best Week Ever," which speeds up the instant nostalgia to the point where they're now looking back ON LAST FREAKING WEEK and saying "remember when Ronald Reagan died?" :angry:


Sorry, that's just a pet peeve of mine. :rolleyes:

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