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What are you thinking right now?

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nigh night alyssa...sweet dreams, girl.


Reuben..yes after having lived here my whole life (almost, part of it i lived in mexico) I find it to be a place/state I would love to leave as soon as possible.

Yes come visit the states...Texas first. I could show you some nice places ;)

I guees If you can't come for the fun, you could come for the company!


Alfredo: Have you been to the states?

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...but Friday today and school will be there


Hey Alfredo, wanna hear an interesting story? It doesn't matter. Here goes...

I was at the border and they were veryifying my papers and luggage. And we were at the first station. And most of my family members had already finished. SO they headed to the other station..the wait station ACROSS the border (there is a brige with the official border there ) so to catch up to them I had to RUN across the border . and it was late at night and really funny (mostly because we had gotten our hands on some brady earlier<<<duh el alcohol esta pro dondequiera!)


it felt weird running across that bridge..like I was doing something wrong..but it was legal, because i was all checked out.


So that's it.


THat is weird to here Reuben, becuase where you are, you can look out your window and see sunshine, whereas I look out and it's pitch black and early morning here!

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uhhh not much :wink:


The coolest place in Texas is Austin. A city a few hours away from Houston. THe enviorment is amazing and they have a bunch of cool underground stuff there (and i don't mean tunnels ;) ) you just have to know where to go!


What i usually do is rock climb and there are very few places here

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