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What are you thinking right now?

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today was (and still kinda is) absolute crap.




- we got shitty seats to the cp concert in feb. 2nd level. darn.

- I have a three-page research paper I've gotta write on Trigeminal Neuralgia... along with a few fake rough drafts and some fake peer edits. o.o

- if my thermometer is telling me right, I have a low-grade fever that's been hovering around me for the past week. o.O either that, or my thermometer is retarded (I sure feel like crap though)

- I took my medication thing this morning for the first time in a few months because I thought I needed because I was starting to have double vision again--turns out I didn't really, or I overdosed a bit, because it made me all twitchy and just plain feel weird. 0_o It's worn off though. :D

- I ran my slowest mile this year in PE (10:20). :K -- I think it's cuz of the meds, lol

- I forgot to bring money to school today and all my friends had detention so I was a complete loner at lunch and I had to sit and listen to the yearly Christmas kareoke thing we do each year--horrible! haha


and... I think that covers it. o.O

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at least she is going why is she complaining bout seats? :P


yeah yeah I know. :P except, when you're really ffaaarr away, it doesn't really feel like you saw coldplay. :(


like last concert. :(


but yeah, I'm going though. :)

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