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Guest DavidG
anyone on this?


my page is http://escape-is-at-hand.deviantart.com :)


Hey Egghead,


I really do like your art. I think its pretty cool (by the way, I used to be a member but my account got deleted)


Its actually very artistic yet it is not freaky art. For example, I know a guy whose art is like completely and utterly like distasteful and strange, and well, you know, just paint shop pro manipulation.


Good luck with future artistic endeavours!



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I've never even been to this site before, but I've just signed up for it. :) I'm contemplating uploading some lyrics and art that I've made.


In the meantime, my address is:




Not much there just yet, though



Anyway, I'm quite impressed by some of the artwork you've made. You've got some pretty good pieces there.

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I signed up a long time ago, but I haven't been back there in a while, anwya I don't have a [working] scanner, so I can't upload my beautiful pics. Someone had already used Rain, and They don't even use it! :angry: so mine is similar, maybe you can find me :rolleyes:

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