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Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

yeeeeeeeeeeah, im completely single....*sniff*


I'm 6ft tall, (1.82cm)

Brown Hair

Brown Eyes

Profession: Student (Future Neurosurgen I hope)

Favorite Sports: Football and Rugby

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Team: Chelsea

Favorite Bands: Coldplay, Muse, Embrace, Our Lady Peace

Favorite Actor: Jim Carey

Favorite Actress: Scarlet Johansson

Favorite Sportsmen: The Rock :lol: , Tim Henman, Frank Lampard, Maria Sharapova

Favorite Food: Italian :) (My Dad's Family Originated from Mediteranian so Im very good at cooking it too)


anything else? :)

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Guest DavidG

well, im not incredibly confident apparently but i dont think im as intellegent as people make out sometimes :( and I'm not the most social person in the world. I work a lot so when i get free time, I like to relax or go to the gym or play some sport with a couple of people rather than go out and get hammered in the pub so you know?

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Guest DavidG
david you only speak english?

which countries of europe are your family from? :rolleyes: :wink3:


I speak English, German, French and Latin


I want to learn 10 by the time I've finished Qualifying


My family heritage is from all over,


I have family from England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malta, Lithuania, Egypt, Italy, Belarus, so you know? all over lol, and thats only to name a few lol

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