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Guest DavidG
i'd rather suck something else' date=' you know what i mean?[/quote']


:stunned: I know what you mean :sneaky:


I dont think he means that...well at least i hope he doesnt want to suck that :o


after seeing Ivona's picture however, i think i've got a neck fettish :lol:

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I love people (I don't mind the gender) that have long hands and can play the Piano, but they must play Chopin.

And I love guys, well I dare to say no gender again, who can take photographies, but in black and white.

I also love shy guys, well I'll maintain the no gender thing, like myself, I guess :D

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:lol: :lol:


So.. What turns you on?

What do you find totally disgusting?


What turns on..well believe it or not...shorts guys with glasses always turn me on, :lol: :lol: i dunno why..but i have a thing for tiny guys :dozey:


And I cant stand guys who sit with crossing their legs..ewwwww its just erm disgusting.. :dozey:


I also have a thing for guys with glasses..not necessarily short guys, but yeah :P It's kinda weird :D

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