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Your favorite sig and av


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I know there is sort of a thread like this and please stil use them, this is just for saying who you think has the best av and sig. You can vote 5 times for each thing and lets say the closing date is the 20th september, where me or someone will count the votes


happy voting

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Guest DavidG
yeah i have to go with lottas too (must think of other cool avs and sigs)


only cos you fancy her :P


im kidding, hers is cool, so is Tom P, and so is yours :) speedmonkey :P

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well if everyone is voting for theirselves sig´s & av´s I chose mine! :idea2:



silly me! :rolleyes: ...but STARS are awesome!...aren´t they? :)

...bright & shining!!!! :blush: ...

the best thing in the world!... ;)

well and music as well!.... :D


IAN...you should add a STAR smilie!....please!...please kiki please!... :lol: :D

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