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Brand New Song Called Poor Me


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cool wish there was a way we could meet. where's your seats? mine are in orchestra cc i have never been to this place but would be cool to meet ya sailor girl. what' your name by the way?


I forget what seats they are(don't have the tickets with me at the moment...). I've never been there either, but it should be a cool concert. :) it'd be cool to meet you too, i'm just not sure what time i'm getting to the venue, sorry. :(

my name's Sara. :)

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Thank you so much Sarah! :D I love this song. All of these new songs that they are playing on the tour are fantastic. I mean, I would think that they wouldn't be as great as the ones of the album b/c they're "scraps." But they're just as amazing as A Rush of Blood to the Head. Gosh..they could never fail.

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