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Lips are turning blue...

Mojo Pin

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That link doesnt work, I guess I was too late.

Sorry, only 4 mbs left in my web to upload so im taking turns uploading mp3's :D


that's awesome

ren you rock me

thanks man

haha anytime man :cool:

btw, check out this last link: http://sing4absolution.tripod.com/Jam/Muse_-_S4A_Glaston.mp3

s4a live glaston 2004, i ripped myself from the glaston dvd, best quality ever :blush:

Daryl i looooove your avatar Bliss is my fave song!


Cheers Ren for that!

haha allo kirst, havent seen ya in days :kiss: Guess what? Im this close to get the muse v2004 dvd :stunned: :cool:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw lovely song!!

i knew you'd like it :P

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I use this free website but i dont have the links there..i have to use html codes and other crap i dont know :confused:

I just can post the links from the upload center but its ok just check this thread and leech haha :cool:

And i think u r right, there's a lil riff at the end..Chris is god, he went crazy playing his bass in that gig, especially in hyteria.. :cool:

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