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I need some photography help


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There is an amateur photography contest coming up, and you can submit 2 photos. Now I want to enter, but the problem is I have no idea which pictures to enter. So I'm asking you guys for suggestions.


Here is the link to my pictures. You can click on each thumbnail on my deviantart page to bring up the image: http://escape-is-at-hand.deviantart.com/gallery/photography/?view=1&order=5&limit=24



The categories I can enter in are:

1. black & white

2. landscape/nature

3. people/portrait

4. travel/architecture

5. macro/abstract


Oh, and the top 3 photos in each category get money. :D :cool:

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umm I think you have a great ones..but if I have to choose except the flames one that it is great..maybe I will choose..

1)in the link you write the pic is named.."Lonely Cairn"

2)"A Break from Freedom " is a great piccie


and "Avalon Sunset" is cool too!!


I hope I cpuld help you something... :D

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