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The who is addicted to this place thread ! Poll


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I find this place so addictive and I am not afraid to admit, however I will most likely look back at this thread in 2 years time and think oh dear I had no life ! :( However in the meantime I love to feed my vice ....


Go on admit it tell us your addicted and what you will go though if u could not get on !


I would worry about my friends on here wondering where I was. I would miss talking to them to as I love them all. !

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I post here sometimes, right now I feel addicted, but the feeling comes and goes.


It's either here or ultimatemetal.com. Other places have far too many losers. :P


Yep, I guess if I was married or had someone, I'd spend more time with the guy than on these boards. Even if I'd try to stay on these places. I live for my daily dose of gossip. :D

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