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Just saw INCUBUS live.....

Sweet One

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i want to be a roadie!!! i got to see incubus in july and i was incredible of course.

i was at the delta centre-ville hotel, i thought it was another but apparently not. and im back in the t.o aaahhh


Gosh, pantomine is nice...i like that. incubus!!!!!!! dvd!!!!!! yay!!!! i want to be a roadie!!! oh darnnuts but i am still young.

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oh laura, apparently my friend who goes to mcgill was at some party on saturday and they were there and she hung out with them...


That's insane!!! :o


Yeah, the after parties of concerts are so much easier to get into here than in TO. My friend Andrew hung out with Interpol after their concert. :stunned:


why do you think that is the case?

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