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:lol: :lol:


Hahaha... I didn't even see this until now..



well. he's quite a smart cookie.. who loves cats.


and that's all i know. :embarrased:


oh, and if i'm not mistaken, cheese too..


and he'll love the fact that he has a whole thread to himself.. :wink3: :wink3: :sneaky:

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:cool: :cool:

yes, and apparently he likes politics.

i cannot enter those political threads and come up with intellectual answers. not possible. not possible for my brain during my free time. :P


I wonder if he'll be on tonight and will see this...


or if he'll sneakily post later.. :P

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that's not what i have a problem with. my problem is when people constantly create threads for themselves (a la alberto)


but i'm nonetheless hono(u)red and disgusted. :P



why does my name have to be mentioned everywhere ? :angry:



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