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The Funniest Joke said by DavidG


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Oh for God's sake chill out. I'm not getting at you just stating simple fact!


I don't even know why you're getting so wound up...there isn't even a mod place to fill anyway. All forums have moderators...no more needed.


Chill out and grow up...it's only a fucking messageboard


you could stick me in the Coldplay section


and you aren't stating facts :rolleyes:


ha! Thats my section bucko... and if you post needless threads about Beyonce and J-Ho in there again.. well, lets just leave it at that shall we... *hmmph* :P


That thread isn't pointless, you're a mod and you don't even know that was posted by Ian, I just took it and made it to a thread


think before you type missy :P




thats exactly why it was pointless!!! If it had been previously posted.. wht make a thread about in a colplay forum!! :angry:


and the fact that we are both PR meants diddly squat... I'm not 100% like you... so we're not similar at all..



and I'm still prettier than you! :P lo l


two things people always take the news from coldplaying ticker and post in the coldplay section for instance Chris/Johnny gig cancelled that was previously posted and someone made a thread about it, so how's is that pointless actually, isn't why we have that section for to post news about Coldplay


btw of course you're prettier, you're a female :lol: :P

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haha this is the first time ever i've been able to get onto the message boards at uni, and i see this...


interesting :lol:

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