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Yeah' date=' she's got a great voice. I saw Broken Social Scene live during the summer (it was a free 2 hour gig down at Harbourfront :D) but she wasn't there :(.[/quote']


Oh the one on August 27th right? Yeah, I saw them very partially when they were performing on Olympic Island during the summer, but since my friend was late (god damn hangovers!), we missed most of their act, except for one song, which I don't know what it was. BSS rocks though, especially "I Slept With Bonhomme at the CBC" and "Guilty Cubicles" (yeah I'm a Feel Good Lost guy).


Anyways, the only thing I know from Leslie is "Mushaboom". A friend of mine recommended it to me, and then Snow Patrol has that song listed as their ending song for some CD compilation thing which they did. I'm liking it...too bad she's playing in Toronto tonight and I won't be seeing her. :(

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Leslie played Toronto on the 2nd.. did anyone go that that?


A friend of mine went, and her MSN name is like "Feistyfeistfeist" and this is like two days later, so I'm guessing the concert was really good!


Hey, you're from Waterloo....do you go to university there? I'm at UW. :)

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I forgot about this thread. I am sporting a feist avatar (for those that don't know), she just put out her US release of "Let it Die", so for those americans that have not heard her yet, check it out.


In Feist news, she will be back in Toronto for Canada Day for a show at the Harbourfront Centre with Apostle of Hustle, Spooky Reuben and Taima. All evidence points to this being a free show,


And yes, timeo, I am at UW.

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As of right now, I'm going. I might be on vacation then, but I'll try my hardest to go.


There was a rumour she was gonna be at the montreal jazz festival, but the last time i checked the site, her name was nowhere in site. Does anybody know anything?

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