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O.k. So this isn't usually my kind of show!

I missed the first few episodes because I thought it was a kinda Dawson-boring-Creek styley show.


But people! It is the greatest show on earth and I do believe I have a crush on Seth Cohen. awww he's ... like ... so sweet :blush: hahaah.


Did anyone else watch this? The first series is now over... roll on series two :D

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Yay Laura!


This show is the greatest. I always get engrossed in it.

I think the soundtrack has a large part to play in it too - the music is always so appropriate.


Favourite scene - Seth trying to jump a wall in his leetle converse trainers and failing. Miserably :cool:


I'm really sad that the first series ended last night! :stunned:

Roll on January!


[scroll:bc51944a57]*i hate theresa she ruined it all :P !!*[/scroll:bc51944a57]

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