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Who's ever had an eye infection???

Sweet One

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me all the time...my eyes are so sensitives...is so awful...cause you know they turn to be red...so... :confused: ...sometimes people can think another stuff!... :lol: ...well...I always have with me an eye-cream...that helps a lot... :D


rite know my eyes are so tired...I better go to sleep...nite laura!... :kiss:

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Pink eye is gross....your eye turns pink and it fills up with puss and goop and it feels 5 times bigger because there's so much junk in it....and when you have it really bad sometimes the puss crusts over your eyes while you're sleeping and you can't open them in the morning. :/

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meee!!! pick me!!


i've had pink eye before, but it was never really THAT bad.. yeah, your eyes get kind of crusty.. if it's really bad you can't get 'em open in the morning.. but i've never had that much puss.

its kind of a pain in the ass. and yeah, your eyes get red.

and then you have to take this medicine - these drops that you put in your eyes.. and then something starts to taste weird at the back of your throat.. :confused:

make sure to keep everything clean people!!

i haven't had it in the longest time, thank goodness. :)

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