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I'm gonna spend this night with posting, listening to snow patrol -somewhere a clock is ticking cuz the sound fits my situation somehow, and every sad song I know and crying....I've lost my darlin...well he made me wanna losing him...I've told him everything a few mins ago and he just doesn't understand!

He was never there when I needed him.

He couldn't understand when I was deprived and all I heard instead of caring words were stupid sayings.

He was only interested in reggae and his computer.

So many mistakes he suddenly started to tell me, what I had done wrong. But whenever I asked if something's not alright, he said nothing.

So my Mum drove me home and he said he's gonna call me tomorrow. But I tried to say, when I mean it doesn't make sense anymore, it means I break up. I've tried to call him now - but that idiot ignored it and as I tried again, he had turned his mobile off.

man he's an asshole...but I can't stop crying :cry: :cry: I loved him so much...all the good times...I need to get over it...



so thanx if anyone read it, if not it's also okay...I just need to write it down!!!

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:lol: I haven't gotten to the anger stage yet...I know I will soon...but I just haven't gotten there yet


let you inner rage out... i know it's out there.. hahaha..

i'm JUST kidding! :P


you just bypassed that stage.




but to go with the topic of this thread. everyday is a sleepless night for me.


i'm more of a night person

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