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^same wish and much more


i wish i could travel abroad and meet all Europe

i wish i could see all my friends everyday

i wish i could see my younger sister all day but without her mother........

i wish i could go to a rapture concert

i wish i could go to a coldplay concert

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one more wish:


i wish we could do a party where all boadies would meet each other in person!

ahhh so true, but my poor head (and all the other guys) heads would explode because of the amount of beautiful girls in the room :kiss: :kiss:

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I wish Camille and I would meet up' date=' that way she could throw that can of Goya Beans at me as promised :lol:[/quote']


:stunned: not gonna happen... but I could still throw the Goya Beans at you.... from a secret location on Fordham Raod... :sneaky:




where 3rd ave ?


you know where that Sears is at :wink3: ?

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hahaha! No... I've been to the Bronx like 2 times in my entire life!!! I dont go past Harlem... 125 st' date=' thats my final stop.[/quote']



oh okay, you can catch a bus that goes to LaGuardia Airport on 125 st.


I think :/



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