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carrots & tan


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nah we get a lot of fruits from abroad. ;)


but yeah, i'll just start eating the orange colored fruits looking forward next summer and get the greatest tan eveeeeeeeeeeeeer. :wink3: :cool:


more likely, i'm just gonna burn and be awfully red and covered with freckles all summer but yeah. :(

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eating carrot is good for eyes' date='if not for tan[/quote']

haha bijeli have you heard that World War 2 story behind that?

where some americans were captured by the germans and the germans asked them how they could see their ship so far away and they said "because we eat carrots".. really it was just radar but hey. gotta love those american GIs

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yeah. and red. if it's like 35 celcius degrees outside and full sun then i burn without a tan in 15 minutes without lotion or such. :dozey:


i seeee...

hmmm i suppose it is different for us then because it's pretty sunny here most of the time and its not very hard to get a tan

are you actually going to do that carrot thing though?


i don't know if i'd be bothered enough to eat carrots all the time or something. i don't even like carrots. though on the other hand, being completely non-tanned for another summer doesn't tempt that much either. :confused:

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