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The Orchard rip off Scam digital distribution company WARNIN


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theorchard.com - a WARNING


i feel i have to warn you about "The orchard.com" and tell you not to enter into a digital distribution deal with them.

I too recently have signed up for the worldwide digital distribution deal with “the Orchard”

And i bitterly regret it, they have not sent me money that they owe me, i have contacted them time and time again, and they refuse to anwer, they are a major pain.


But don't take my word on this check these links out - from CDBaby http://cdbaby.org/stories/03/12/15/2213608.html




Now I know my cd is on i-tunes, and has sold about 5 albums worth, but “The Orchard” will not send me the money they owe to me, I have consistently contacted them, with no reply, they are basically ripping me off,


If you are in contract with them, i suggest that you just try to get out of the contract by repeatedly emailing them and if they don't answer then file a report with the Better Business Bureau




Also the other problem that i have and you may have as well, is that while i have a contract for Digital Distribution with the orchard, i cannot get Digital distribution deal with anybody else for that particular record, as every release can only come from 1 distributor.


Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but i felt i should warn you, and in my opinion the more people who report this company, the better chance they will be closed down, and us long suffering indie musicians will not get burned.



feel free to send them your complaints at [email protected]

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