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Apple prefers U2 over Coldplay!


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Gwyn's Apple prefers U2 to 'Coldplay' music!:

[Hollywood News]: Washington, Dec 17 : Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her singer husband Chris Martin's baby daughter Apple prefers Irish rockers U2's songs to her 'Coldplay' father's music.


Martin, however, is very happy with Apple's taste in music, as he was the one who had introduced her to Bono's singing before Apple was born in May 2004.


"U2's The Unforgettable Fire is one of the first songs I played to my unborn baby," ratethemusic quoted Martin as saying.


Martin further said that the 'Shakespeare In Love' star and he are big fans of Bono's charity work as well as his music.


"While everyone else is swearing at George W Bush, Bono is the one who rubs Bush's back and gets a billion dollars for Africa," he added. (ANI)






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Actually, the first song Chris played to Apple, according to his article in Rolling Stone a few months ago, was "A Sort of Homecoming." The Unforgettable Fire is the name of the album.


Somebody needs a facts-checker. ;)


Meanwhile, the kid is what, six months old? How do they know which band she prefers? Does she spell "U2" in her creamed asparagus?

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hahah i dunno. I just remember reading an interveiw and hes all like " i vacationed with jayz and beyonce and my daughter kept telling me not to bore them with politics, and I think I did anyway"


and other various stuff. he says he only lets her get the edited versions of rap cds. hahahaha.

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