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Sauna :o

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That's what porn actors say but how do YOU know? :lol:



Well, Ron Jeremy is like... hairy :o


So we all know what that means.. his lightsabe must be GIGANTIC and they have to try to make it look smaller





yesh yesh!

I'm feeling wiser and wiser every second!

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hahaha you're insane!


*is scared of scary zeoir*





ah c'mon!! don't turn into a wussy now..


I don't want that kind of behaviour before we make it to the bed so try to behave till that!

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The ear one was a mistake, you were the one who wanted some fun with the lights off :disappointed:



Maybe i shouldn't have had tied your hands to the bed either..

But hey, this is a learning progress :wacko:

If you really still want to go for nostrils...sure..but only once 'cause i'm quite sure that's not my thing




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^what the heck are you doing up? haha :wacky:



Oh my god..


you seriously won't believe this..


But i was SLEEP WALKING :lol: :lol:


Hahahahahhahah, i feel such a nerd :disappointed:

But yeah, i just got up, i don't know did i go to the toilet or what.. and then next thing i knew was that i was fucking tired and that i was on coldplaying :uhoh:


Then i was like "huh, let's go to bed" and continued my sleep.


And now i woke up and was like "oh my god..i hope that thing i did last night was just a dream, but no, that post is a proof



Hahaha this is so hilarious and embarrassing at the same time :lol:

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well, my dreams were sooo crazy once again..

I was hanging out with one radio host i listen to almost everyday and bah, then there was some tv-show going on in my house and he was here too and maaan, it was a crazy night :uhoh:


I think it was because i was soo insanely tired. But now i'm well-rested :smug:

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