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Ricky Gervais writing Simpsons episode


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i LOVE series 15 of the simpsons. And hate the really really old ones. series 16 has been ok so far' date=' but not as good for me as 15.[/quote']


yeah i know what you mean.

i hate the animation in the old episodes :rolleyes: it's just not proper :P

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haha family guy, how i love thee.

a writer for the simpsons did a lecture at my college and said he thinks the show will last until it's 20th season at least.


quit kicking a dead horse. ever since conan left the writing team that show has just really been lacking.


i miss the old humour.


"i'm not a state, i'm a monster!"

"the only monster here is the one that has taken over your mother -- i call him gamblor!!"

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i have no clue who the writer was. i didn't bother going to see him, i heard about what he said the next day from a few friends.


since conan left, the only episode that made me laugh as hard as an old episode was the one where homer gets high or the one where rem gueststars.


"you said this was for charity!" :: smashes bottle ::

"no michael, that is not the rem way!"

"you're right, let's recycle these glass shards and get out of here."


i guess i just don't go for the kind of comedy direction the show's writer have taken. aww well. least there's family guy.

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