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Merry Christmas.....................again


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Merry Christmas to everyone! :santa2:

I'm no good at fiding e-cards, and I don't like sending one's that someone's already sent me, so i just do crappy messages instead:


Rememebr, It's christmas, so eat as much as you want (even if your on a diet, i mean, you have to have a day off at some point)

Stay happy

Be happy

Have fun

And if any of you are planning on leaving and not coming back, Come back anyway

And make sure you get the presents you want!


And merry christmas to you all, and goodbye

:santa2: hohoho :santa2:

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One final thing, if you all do eat too much and can't move (or your just too friggin lazy :lol: ) then have a few rounds of mini golf


Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Panda Golf


(btw, they go up in levels, and panda golf is just crazy)

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Merry xmas to everyone with seasons greetings and happy new year also i want to say a big hello to everyone i know or who knows me and do feel free to pm me when ever




********** Happy Christmas To You *************


From Chris ;)



HTTT :sneaky:

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