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Your 2005 !!


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In 2005 what do you hope for and hope to do !


Things I must do

*Stay alive and in good health.

*I hope to build exsisting friendships, in the hope they get bigger and stronger.

*Stay on Coldplaying.com for another year.

*Go and see my Mum

*Go and get some tickets so I can go with a friend to Glastonbury

*Get the new Coldplay Album and go and see them live again when they come to the 'City of Manchester Stadium'

*Settle in my new flat.

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Go in London for shopping :stunned:

See Muse live(i doubt it will be possible this year) :/

see coldplay live :wink3:

Listen to new madonna material :smug:

spending more time with my family

go to Ireland during the summer holidays


that's all for the moment :embarrased: :P

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In addition there are other things I would like to do but are not so important.


*Make a succesful aplication to be on Big Brother 6

*Get promoted at my Job (something that just might happen ) :D

*Go on a few more city breaks around Europe. :cool3:

*Find some more new cool bands.

*Get the new Ian Brown single on the 17th Jan 2005.

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For my family, friends and myself to have good health.


Have happy days ahead


Build on the existing friendships I have and make new ones also.


Stay on Coldplaying.com and continue to enjoy it here.


Go to more gigs and as many festivals as I can.


See Coldplay & Frames live again and hopefully U2 & Damien Rice solo gig for the first time.


Spend more time with my family who I think the world of.


Spend time with the people I care about.


Go on holiday and travel more.


Get promoted at my Job/or Get the Transfer I applied for.


Go to my friends Wedding in September.


Make a difference.


Learn to drive.


Develop a new skill.


Make the most of Every Day.

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I hope to see Keane and Coldplay

Listen to the new Coldplay album until my ears drop off

make extrordinary grades

get an internship somewhere

win an award

talk more on coldplaying

become enlightened

make new friends

get a boyfriend

enjoy life

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for 2005 it will be good to...

- stop eating so much chocolate (well i guess it's not possible, chocolate is like a drug :rolleyes: )

- speak english as much as i can to improve it , and survive in london 1 year if i succeed in having my exams in may

- work a bit more (well, that's not difficult)

- make new friends and be here when they need me

- listen to music again and again and again and again

- learn to park my car correctly :rolleyes:

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