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New Album News From Will Champion


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Will Champion popped into have a brief chat with Jo Whiley today (Thu 6th Jan) and admitted he was nervous after not having done an interview for about 16 months. He succeeding in keeping most album information secret although he did reveal that "What If" is one of his favourite songs. "I think it's going to be one to watch out for in my opinion".

He revealed the album was not quite finished and so no definite release date as yet. He called it a "never ending process", with "some old songs resurfacing that had been put on the back burner".


He discussed track listings and the number of songs: "We've got about 14 or 15 to choose from, but we want to try for 10, or 11 would be perfect.

The first song has got to be a statement of intent. We don't want to dilute anything of this hopefully brilliant album".


Will also said that the pressure of making album 3 was "always not to disappoint people and reward the people who've been with us from day one".


No tour dates were announced, although he did say "We've got to rehearse first. We'll start off with some small gigs and then go to America for some of what they call 'Buzz gigs'. We've got some great plans to play some interesting places though I don't know when and where yet!".


There was also no hint of the title, saying that they're "Not sure yet. We've got a few things to choose from".

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i think the main thing are the lyrics too.... i´m sure they won´t do strange changes on their music... they´ll progress and try things i think. :)


all good bands do it. ;)


let's hope so


Talk has that Kraftwerk's Computer Love hook


I hope they didn't use the same lyrics to that song

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