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You backstabbing Asshole David


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[22:55:26] [David] - So: i must admit, i do like Albie lol

[22:55:36] [David] - So: i mean lol come on

[22:55:43] [David] - So: i did two mick taking flashes out of him

[22:55:48] [David] - So: totally ripping him to shreads lol

[22:55:52] [David] - So: the great thing was

[22:55:58] [David] - So: is that all the hatred @ albie

[22:56:04] [David] - So: turned to laughing at Albie


[22:56:45] Movies only : goat boy, u brainwashed him haha

[22:58:32] [David] - So: lol psychology man lol

[22:59:05] [David] - So: got my jolly rogers too


[22:59:08] [David] - So: lol

[22:59:11] [David] - So: MASTER

[22:59:14] [David] - So: MASSSSTER

[22:59:15] [David] - So: lol

[22:59:30] [David] - So: playing that now :P

[22:59:48] [David] - So: haha, nah Albie is a decent guy

[23:00:01] [David] - So: who has one of the worst, and let me say

worst hitting on routines in the world lol

[23:00:16] [David] - So: I've totally mellowed him out since he came

back while i've been here

[23:00:29] [David] - So: and he's changed from being that weird

annoying guy that pisses everyone off to the obsessive

about Dave guy

[23:01:14] [David] - So: haha, its really funny

[23:01:17] [David] - So: the guy pms me everyday

[23:01:37] [David] - So: i swear, now im gone

[23:01:42] [David] - So: it wont be long until he gets kicked

[23:03:09] [David] - So: k, the first is that albie has been pming all

the girls (trying to hit on them)

[23:03:17] [David] - So: saying that...hi, im albie did you like my

flash video

[23:03:22] [David] - So: david g is really cool isnt he?

[23:03:27] Movies only : rofl!!!!!!! really?

[23:03:32] [David] - So: followed by hey, my phone card is charged up

[23:03:41] [David] - So: whats ur number, i can call you :P

[23:03:56] [David] - So: apparently so

[23:04:00] [David] - So: he uses me :|

[23:04:03] [David] - So: to girls that like me

[23:04:08] [David] - So: to hit on girls lol

[23:04:15] [David] - So: one of the girls from the board that he hit

on told me lol

[23:04:53] [David] - So: the other thing i heard

[23:05:06] [David] - So: was that Ian

[23:05:13] [David] - So: is only keeping him while he is funny

[23:05:18] [David] - So: and doesnt actually want him to be here




:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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