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damn you ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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all i wanted was a bag!!

one stupid bag and this ridiculous seller tells me now that they don't send to the UK - AFTER I WON THE BAG i might add!!!

I am slightly peeeeved.


now i have to set up alternate payment details blah blah blah hkdflshlk;reiowjs


*lets off steam* :rolleyes:

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Egghead wrote:

oh you people who havent used ebay are lucky.

I have a little problem


I think I might have the same problem...

how though? :stunned:

it looks so confusing and weird :confused:

I dunno I have been using it for at least 5 years so its not confusing to me anymore but i think its fun maybe you should give it a try ;)
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there some good bargains on there though, my amazing sony dv cam cost me £185 brand new sealed off ebay, eventhough it was retailing in high street shops such as dixons for £600+. My digital camera cost me £100 from ebay, but it was selling for £400 in boots. I managed to get my Nokia 6230 off ebay a month before the phone was on sale to the general public but then again it did cost a bit more

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