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what do you girls eat?


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ooooh! good topic!!



I eat chocolate.. tons of chocolate.. then I crave salty things.. like popcorn or potato chips (crisps) .. I get really thirsty the period right before my period.. and very emotional.. :embarrased:


but thats neither here nore there.. yea.. chocolate. :P

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haha gotta love that chocolate.


i actually FORCED my dad to buy me ice cream. it was like "dad, listen, you DON'T know what it's like to have a period okay?! just buy me the ice cream and i'll be happy!"


its amazing how a woman knows her own body like that.. I usually get very irritable... oh at work!! Puh-lease!! I'm surprised I haven't been fired yet!!!! lol


2 days ago i told my sister that i was going to get my period any day....and i don't keep track of my period dates or anything...just knew.

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