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And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead


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has anybody ever heard of this band. they have two singles out and mtv is playing their new video


i just wanted to say i saw their video, but it wasnt their video i was in awe with it was there name And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

isnt it so weird anyways they sound pretty good i like the song

Another Morning Stoner and Relative Ways

you can go to their website and watch both of these videos


another thing i like is that they are from austin texas, which is near where i live!

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omg nearly 2 months past and a reply!!!!


ah well yeah i've never seen them live but i would like to


lmao....i would guess they do hit fans....because of all the trashing that goes on on the stage

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Damn, this thread was at the very bottom! Trail of Dead are my FAVORITE band! You gotta check out their first two albums (S/T and "Madonna"). They are far more ferocious than their latest, though the latest is damn sweet. I saw them live last October and one of the singers (there are three--and they switch instruments like couples at a key party!)--Conrad Keely. He actually walked up to me and my brother as we standed in line and asked us if we knew a good stakehouse in SLC. We're both vegetarians of course. Shook hands with him after the show and he seemed to appreciate my appreciation. Then bumped into the drummer (my favorite drummer of all time! damn what's his name?), who is also a guitarist/vocalist--sings the more ferocious songs, but not always. He seemed appreciative as well, actually had the biggest grin I've ever seen! :D So what the hell am I talking about here kids? I dunno. Just hope some kid reads this and grows up to be the first female/populist president of the US. God bless! Goodnight!

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new ep coming out! LOVE THEM

its out on april 1st and vids for another morning stoner and relative ways are on it, i think!


It's cool, so far... I listened to the first two tracks (2/5)... I hope they have some more ferocious (my buzz word for them, feel free to appropriate!) songs, like on their first. But I fear them boys has matured a bit... Sound too gentlemanly... Still love the hell out of them! Sigur Ros and Trail of Dead, yeah!!!

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i wrote that in COCK gal's account IT WAS ME!!


i like the ep and the special features are cool but i cant figure out the thing...

when you click on "other secrets" and then the screen pops up and then click on "trail" and type in your name... is that just really pointless? or does it do something?

and for some reason i cant register properly :shrug:

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is that just really pointless? or does it do something?


Err... Haven't tried the features yet, but I'll take a look...


I'm truly giddy as a schoolgirl after hearing the rest of the "The Secret of Elena's Tomb" EP. We have the Sonic Youth stylings on the first three tracks, as well as clever cello and female b/u vocals. Track four was kinda jaw-dropping: ACOUSTIC GUITARS!!! Yeah! It's like a sultry Sunday afternoon, a lively summer frock, and a warm cup of Tennessee Jack! I was floored by #5... Get this, a HARDCORE DISCO NUMBER!!! That's how it was for me at least... It's danceable T.O.D. my friends, and that's a good thing!


Please forgive me if this posting is an uninteligable, gooey mess... It's gotta be the cough syrup... Or the Jack... 8)

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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead


sorry for restarting a thread.. too lazy to go look for the original




anyone watch them on last call last night?

*raised hand*

I DID! I DID!!!!!!!!


they were so damn great performing live and all :D :D i got so happy

but, i wish they played all saints day

still made my night though




no wait .. only cock gal would get that...

um.. i thought it was funny when carson said WOW THEY WERE RAD!! HAHAHA rad chud.. donnie darko... if you dont get you're just :shock: :-o

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seeing as i heart them to death and i've already let the LAST two cds in HMV (madonna, self titled) slip through my fingers!!!!!!!!!!


i NEED a buttload of stickers eh!

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ooh trail of dead thread, Awesome band! I saw em live last year in a small little club and they completely rocked!! Conrad fell on top of me as he was climbing down from a speaker :o :D what a wild night that was... :)

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i heard someone smuggled a piece of their guitar (which he needed) outta a club.. and no one noticed

but if they did i bet they woulda kicked his stupid ass


i want his drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Their newest album is vamer than the first.


I was debating on going to the Toronto show, but I have to pass since it is right in the middle of exams.


I have heard that their shows can get a little rowdy, but as long as you ain't in the front or center, you should be fine.

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