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Bloc Party


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Bloc Party The Marshalls Are Dead


Background info: my boyfriends white....but he THINKS he's black lol..


Me and my boyfriend were in the car and this song came on...


John: britt, turn this song off right now!!!!


me: why you dont like it?


john: NO! its annoying??


me: whats annoying about it!!!???


john: its like mumble mumble mumble FUR-EVA!!!


lol i just thought it was hilarious

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Kewl pics Justine :thumbsup:

I've noly really just got into them and found out there doing a gig in my area in October, But I don't know anyone who likes them and I don't wanna go by myself, Aghhhhhhhh :bigcry:

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no. The crowd was pretty tame at the show I went to.


yeah most Toronto crowds are very tame heh


They are! Nothing excites them, I think it's because we are so used to having bands come to our city, that nothing impresses us anymore. (I used to live in Toronto)

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