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Bloc Party


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The greatest band over the past little while that I have started liking.


I know some of us like them on here... so I thought I would make a thread.



(I made an Arcade Fire thread before, and no one replied to it, and they are a fabulous band, so I wouldnt be surprised if no one replied to this either.)

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Ok, what albums are actually out from this band? Cause I have tons of stuff downloaded and I dont know what has acually been released so far.


And my cd shop sucks in cd selections, all they had was the Tulips single (I think it is), I bought that. They had the red (I think also comes in black) Ep, but thats gone now too.

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Bloc Party - Silent Alarm is due for release on 14/02/2005

but it is all over the internet already, and has been for some time.

they've released a few EPs and singles, but as far as i'm aware of, this is their First Album! Even though i have it downloaded, i have mine ordered already :D i can't wait.

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