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i am NOT a chav


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in one word. What is a chav?

ok i know this is more than 1 word, but this is what i got

a chav is someone who tries to be posh, but isn't. they have a very bad education probably because they never went to school. you can spot a chav usualy because of there burbury-wearingness and there mass of jewlry (or bling)

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they hang around in bus stops' date=' drinking. they start smoking at early ages. They all talk the same, with the same annoying Tone. i see them wearing caps and tracksuite clothes a lot.[/quote']i dont smoke but i do drink, i dont wear caps or tracksuites! only wen i work cuz i av 2! :angry:

i wear sporty tops yeah but most of the time i waer skirts or jeans :P

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