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Bad date? No problem!


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Date from Hell: Rescue!

Thu Feb 10,10:32 AM ET Oddly Enough - Reuters


CANBERRA (Reuters) - It's every single person's nightmare: You're on a date, it's a disaster but there's no way out.


With Valentine's Day (news - web sites) looming, a mobile phone company in Australia has come to the rescue with a service offering an escape from the date from hell.


All you have to do is discreetly dial three numbers and then hang up without saying a word.


"Virgin Mobile will call them back a minute later with a perfect excuse to get them out of there. We'll even talk them through what to say," the company, a joint venture of the Virgin Group and Optus, said in a statement.


A survey of 402 people by Virgin Mobile found that 53 percent arrange in advance to have a friend call them mid-date to check they are all right or if they need an excuse to get out.


The results showed women were twice as likely as men to use the tactic.




:stunned: :lol:

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Now Laura, Ive known you for like what, 24 years? Well lets say between 1 and 24 years, I can tell when you sound surprised, excited, rejuvinated, excited, sad, excited, excited....... Oh yeah...


What the hell were we talking about? Oh yeah, Laura getting excited.


Yeah... :blush:

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