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From the album 'You I Lov///'











definition: It's the substitute, intrinsic, unseen wailings under a trafficated bridge across a river that flows at night, Of that which is bionic, being made up of electronically or mechanically enhanced parts, and that which is dynamic, magisterial in tunes that sound simultaneously classic and modern with lyrics that plumb the depths of emotion. Like it's creators, it's not the sort of thing you come across everyday.


creators: Jimmy Tuckett and Jimmy Paxson. Friends who met during a drum circle in Los Angeles.


origin: Born three years ago in an oversized, third story, empty toy warehouse in skid row, downtown Los Angeles. The walls covered in an island of blue, reflect words entombed from ceiling to floor, artifacts of the hedonistic world reflecting through the ecdysiast room resembling the mind, and candles, that light the night to day.


The singer of sub.bionic, Jimmy Tuckett, wearing loose-fitting overalls, a knit cap perched on the back of his head, barefoot, talks about the record he and partner Jimmy Paxson recently finished, entitled 'you i lov///.' "It's a very colorful record," he says when asked to describe the music. "It was important that it not sound linear." Echoes of Pink Floyd and other classic rockers such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin can be heard in the magisterial textures, inventive melodies and crunching intensity of sub.bionic.


Songs such as "phonophobic" and "hush" chart the emotional, musical and spiritual journeys undertaken to achieve the state of clarity that Jimmy defines as being sub.bionic. "It's not just a concept," he explains, "it's a way of life." The result of his introspection defines sub.bionic.


sub- (pref.) Below; under

sub2 (Informal n) A substitute.

bi·on·ic (adj.) 1. Of or relating to bionics.2.Having anatomical structures or physiological processes that are replaced or enhanced by electronic or mechanical components.3.Having extraordinary strength, powers, or capabilities; superhuman.

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ok well my impressions are:


"Despite much of their art-rock posturing" (quote from site-linked review because i cant agree more) they are not bad at all :D i think they still need to develop as the lead singers sometimes awkward voice dominates the songs and some quite impressive guitar-based tunage is lost in the background of his snarling vocals. Having said that they show great promise and id love to see them reach a clearer definition in their sound - they certainly seem to have the base talent to be good!


Hicksy's Mark: B+ :shock: (edited to B- after 3 listens over a 30 minute period)

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aye but for someone who listens to music for as long if not longer than i sleep each day

haha that sounds like me....except i listen to music in my sleep also :shock: so i guess i can say i do it all the time.... :lol: my poor stereo its on 24 hours 7 days a week....and if i'm at the computer i always have my earphones on

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