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New Announcement Next Week (Monday?)


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As a member of 'In My Place' we wanted to give you some advance warning that we

will be making a few important announcements next week both online and via this

email list. Check your email and the site as much as you can from Monday onwards

and we'll be in contact very soon.

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This was on http://www.coldplay.com:


'Coldplay fans who have registered to the 'In My Place' section of this site will be emailed a very exciting announcement next week.


Make sure you check your inbox as well as this site as often as possible from Monday 28th February as we'll be sending you some news that we promise you'll want to know about!'



Oooohhh!! :laugh1: I'm so excited/curious! Can hardly wait!

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This news is exciting, but this emoticon :laugh1: is even more exciting. It's like the crazy hobo on the corner who laughs at nothing. I just hadn't seen this one...and..I found it... amusing. I guess.


I'm very sorry for this post, now I must sleep.

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Ok so i was thinking, and a while ago there was someone on here predicting that the band would debut their single on lamacq live on monday, and this just happens to be the same date we are supposed to be hearing this announcement from the band. Im guessing perhaps we hear early on in the day the band's name for the new album, the release date, and then later that night hear the first single on lamacq live? Can anyone find who said this and where it was posted? Thanks

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:stunned: I heard like a month ago, Lamaq actually said that he will have the first single, before anyone, in his show... I actually listen him every week... so... I´ll make sure to have a recorder the monday!!! anyway... I dont know if this could be true...


*jumps of excitment *


finally!!! something new..!!!



A peculiar Mexico: Zu

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