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Amazing Race 7


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Guest LiquidSky

You guys also watch this show? :D Me too! I'm gonna be watching later ;) and tomorrow LOST! :stunned: Can't wait.. I'm addicted to that show.. :stunned: seriously :embarrased:

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i have watched every season of this show. I really did not want the hillbillys to get voted off. By the way, does anybody else find this season's teams really gimicky? Like some from Survivor, a POW, stuff like that. I dont want it to get too silly. I dont know thats just my opinion.

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I think they have to put on certain people on each season' date=' so it's 'fair', for example gay people, black people, hot blonde girls/guys and old people.[/quote']


where are the asians or hispanics people?? :rolleyes: :P


i am so into this show. :smug: it was cool that those chicks won 10,000 EACH!!! man, that's so awesome!

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