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Coldplay KCRW March 12th 2005


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Originally posted at my blog... http://wirez.wxcs.com Here is my full Coldplay show story... I actually have pictures, videos, and the COMPLETE Coldplay show in mp3 format... I will put a torrent up later. Thanks for reading!


First let me say, the KCRW Coldplay concert was AWESOME. Rob ended up buying my ticket off of me instead of me taking Yadira. We leave Bakersfield around 5pm and hardly encounter any traffic on the way instead of the casual LA type. We got to Universal City, we walked around for a little observing but I needed to go back to the car for my jacket. When we went back, we decided to drink and luckily I had some vodka in my trunk. We each took about 4 shots a piece within 3-4 minutes and chased it down with Mountain Dew. It was damn good. We then walked back into Universal City and went into the Amphitheatre, and starting watching the first few bands on the stage. I then decided that I wanted a beer so I thought about asking the guy next to me but I didn’t. I ended up walking up to where they were serving and I asked "How much is each?". "Coors is $7 dollars (20oz) and Coronas are $12 dollars (24oz). I chose the Coors and he didn’t card me! I walked back to my seat and Rob wanted one. I told him they didn’t card me so he tried and came back with nothing, haha! So I ended up buying him one when I went to get another. We went outside, smoked cigs, socialized with a few people, I called up some people on my phone to say hi and all that crap. Anywho, we go back inside, listen to more bands. Drink more beer and then, Cafe Tecuba came on and lit up the crowd. They had a lot of energry and they put on a really nice set.


I ended up talkin to a couple next to me, we had small talk and what not. While I was outside earlier, I talked to the "beer server" and they said that they were going to stop selling at 11pm (right when Coldplay starts). Around 10:50 I said "Hey man, they’re gonna stop sellin’ beer at 11!" He looks at his watch, and tells me "Hey, let’s go get some!" So we go out, and he asked me "What do you want? and I told him a Coors is fine, and I gave him a $10 dollar bill, and he said "don’t worry about it man, I got you covered" and I kept saying no, but he wouldn’t accept it. He told me he had to go to the restroom, so I walked back into the Theatre by myself. I sat in my seat, leaned over to his date and asked "is that your boyfriend?" in a drunken tone. She thinks about it for a few seconds, "uhm…. not really". I quickly blurted out, "Oh, well this guy is bad ass! He bought my beer! He’s a keeper!" and she laughed and smiled.


By now, Coldplay was starting the show. They played 4 new songs from their upcoming album X&Y: Square One, Speed of Sound, What If?, White Shadows and old time classics: Clocks, Sparks, Yellow, Politik, The Scientist, and In My Place. They put on an awesome concert and played well. I was dancing and singing-a-long drunkly and it was awesome. I was standing up the whole time. It was awesome. How many times am I going to say awesome? A lot bitches. I have pictures and some videos of the show, but I left my fucking camera in LA. Anyways, during the concert the girl to my right says "Hey look, its Gwyneth Paltrow" and sure enough, she was sitting a few seats away from us watching her man play. Pretty fucking crazy. Like I said before, Coldplay was awesome and I had a great time while they played.


As we were leaving the theatre, the couple I talked to earlier asks us "So are you guys going to the after party?" "What after party!?" He says that Absolut Vodka was sponsoring all of the alcohol and that all drinks are free! It turns out that our $150 dollar tickets granted us access to the after party. I was shocked and so excited. In addition, they were catering mexican food (tamales, tacitos, and the sweet spanish bread). They had a DJ spinning hip hop, people were dancing, smoking, drinking and socializing. I ended up having a few drinks at this party, dancing, having a great time. Then, someone got on the microphone to tell everyone that Dan The Automator is gonna DJ for the rest of the night! Right when that happened I practically freaked out! I couldn’t believe that he was gonna be DJing in front of me. I ended up yelling at him numerous times "Head Automatica" and he kept nodding his head. I guess he couldn’t hear me too well, because after he was done with his set, I asked him why he didn’t play it. He quickly responded saying "Oh, I don’t have that record here right now". I talked with Dan the Automator (the guy that created most of the Head Automatica tracks, the genius behind The Gorillaz). :) We left the party around 4am, we both got drunk, we were happy. I drove to my old roommates house off of Sunset and slept for the night. Unfortunately, I left my camera back in LA so the pictures and videos will probably be posted later after he mails me them. There were probably 10,000 different/little things that I left out…oh well.




Fucking awesome.

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Head Automatica

wow, you're like the only person i've met besides a few select people that like (or heard of) head automatica :D i love them!


oh and that's an awesome review, cool to hear you had a great time! :)


I love HA!!! :-D Seeing Dan the Automator at this concert was awesome. i kept shouting "play some head automatica" but he never did.

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