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Chris is the sexiest man!


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lol thx...thatwas when he was at the bbcradio 1 studios for an interview......god those bbc interviews are wonderful....as a whole the band is soooo freaking funny....even funnier than prez's bush's gay-ass redneck accent




props!!!! I dun lyk BUSH!!! but let not get in 2 politiks. ah-jajajajaja!!! i'm so corny. if ne of us suddenly develop a cocaine addiction or are "accidentally" (just like the *SMART* bombs) killed in a car accident, ahem we KNOE who *cough, noothervoices2BheardBush *cough did it. ugh! i'm so not supportin' the war, if feel rite now itz either the american-way or the highway, they banded canadian from E-bay just cos we dun support the war!!!

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what? i dont understand this type of computer "code"


well...this is what i got out.

I am from toronto! and I got Tickets and the show is sold out! FOR JUNE 11

ok..i think i understand what you are saying now....

there arent any tickets left...

my dad got them off the internet....when they went on sale..and I was suppose to remind him to go on at exactly 10 but i forgot..figures..me..forget a lot. and he was at the computer around a quarter past 10 and they were gone so fast! so we could only get the only ones available.....soo i have section 405 row O as in opera..O


Still good...i think you caould probably watch the show in the park..i think..behind the seats..and tickets for that is 19 buck...but im pretty sure that its all sold out!

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