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I bet my b/f thinks I'm crazy =T


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I always heard how guys always said girls were weird, and no man would ever understand them, but I didn't really get that..

I do now..


the other day i was making out with my b/f in my room, and things were "almost happening":wink3: , but I said it felt weird in my room(and it did, I mean, Ive grown up in my room, I live here since I was born)


and today we were at a party over at a friend's house, no parents home, and he was saying how it was a great make out place(and it its, no parents ever home, cause they live in the us), but I said it felt "impersonal" at somebody else's house..


he must think I'm crazy..

too weird at my place, too impersonal at somebody elses..


what can I say? I always heard how I should always say what I'm feeling, and never do anything that I don't want to, and that's just what I did :confused:

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Hey nanda! I don't think you're crazy, you were right, it wouldn't be good if you didn't want to do it... tell your bf that you only said what you were feeling, honesty is very important! I think if you tell him that you feel weird with this situation he'll understand, and just calm down, soon you'll feel it's the right place and the right time! :P

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