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i dont know anyone here anymore.


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"the cute girl who had that leg accident"


haha! I wouldn't say that. I'm not cute. And I didn't have an "accident". But yeah I am lauren. *looks at leg* yeah that wasn't fun....gotta love summer coming and 8 massive scars all over your leg.


but I'm technically better. going horseback riding today :lol:

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Jewl I remember you. I was gone for like 8 months once and everything changed. And then I was gone for like 6 months and everything changed again. And then I was gone for like a month and got back about a week ago and nothing has changed.


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hmm yea i've been on the boards forever it seems but i'd never really "chatted" much till recent i'd always come for updates and the like, because whenever i did i'd just get sucked in and end up wasting so much time, but now lately i've just given in and started wasting my time on here since there so much coldplay activity going on, or at least thats my excuse i'm using. but the only person i really remember from a long time ago doesn't even seem to be on here now :cry: and i don't have any idea why, it's like a mystery or something i dunno :/

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