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what kind of dog are you???


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I am a Borzoi



Russia. This noble dog was developed in early 17th century for wolf hunting and coursing, a sport of the tsars and noblemen of imperial Russia. The Borzoi tracked the wolf, when it was beaten from cover, grabbed it by the neck and threw it on the ground whereupon it was stabbed with a dagger.



The Borzoi has made its mark as an elegant, intelligent and faithful, albeit somewhat aloof, animal. It is not suitable for children and does not take kindly to teasing.



I'm aloof. :smug:

And lock your daughters in at night. :sneaky:

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HAHA I`M LOVIN IT! i`m typing it!


dog name: saluki


origins: iran. the saluki and sloughi have parallel histories and most likely date back to the same stem in the ancient middle east and a painting dated 3600 BC shows such dogs. :stunned: esteemed by ARAB SHEIKS and NOMADIC BEDOUIN, this breed was paired with HAWKS to hunt gazelles and other game. they were never sold but presented as gifts, which is how they reached europe.


personality: this elegant, if somewhat aloof breed is LOYAL, AFFECTIONATE AND TRUSTWORTHY and despite limited interest in europe IS NOW A WELL SOUGHT-AFTER ANIMAL. it still retails STRONG HUNTING INSTINCS AND SO CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN WHEN TAKING IT TO THE COUNTRYSIDE.



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I am a Clumber Spaniel





France. This flushing spaniel retained more hound genes then any other (except Sussex) giving it massive bones and heavy head. :lol: The French Duc de Monilles, who sent his dogs over for safekeeping during the French Revolution, introduced the Clumber to Britain. The breed became a favourite of royalty.


The Clumber Spaniel is a gentle, sweet and pleasant dog. Among the most easygoing of the hunting breeds. Clumbers will get along with other dogs as well as other household animals if raised with them. They tend to be a one-person dog and can be a bit wilful. Usually trustworthy with children of the family, but they do not make friends with strangers. Make sure you have good chew toys for them. ;)

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