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The Usual Suspects


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Frailty is another good movie like The Usual Suspects. Memento, and THe Usual Suspects are the only two movies I can watch again and again, every time I pick up something new from the story.


Like in Memento, I figured out that in the scene when they show Sammy in the mental institution, when the nurse walks by, it shows the main character instead of Sammy.

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That's what i love about Memento. You watch it the first time and you're completely confused..then you watch it again and you notice something significant, and then you watch again and notice something else.. it's like it always has something new to show and that's why i love it.


I noticed that moment in Memento too!! ;)

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It sure is!! :D My friends didn't like it though..they thought it was dumb..i just think they were too dumb to get it.. :lol: When i came on this board, i would mention it and someone actually had to say something about it...intelligent Coldplay listeners.. :D

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