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The "I have to study all the fricken time" thread


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Its so terrible how basically from when you hit the age of 14 or 15 you have to spend all your time before summer concentrating on exams, and then you spend your summer trying to enjoy yourself while waiting for the results to come out.


The system here in UK is terrible. We have GCSE's which end at 16, and then you have more exams (AS Level) at 17, and then A Level at 18, its just exams exams exams and then you go onto university to continue worrying about them


The new system sounds soooo much cooler. AS Level dont include doing exams, and while this wont weed out the amount of people who arent fit to do A Level (My year got cut down a third in between these two years) , it still leaves studying kids with a BREAK for one last summer.


We are still kids anyway. :rolleyes:

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ok, then yeah, i study a lot.


damn studying. today is like THE only day i have no homework. well i do...but i just need to finish my book. and re-do this thing...but i don't want to do it yet..cos i'm a procrastinator :dozey:


man, i've been using that smilie a lot today

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