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Well first of all, hi @ the people who don't know me :)

I'm Birdo and I have some kind of addiction to music.

I love new songs and stuff, but

Most of the times the files are so HUGE....

And it isnt that easy to make them small.

But I know how, so this will be a tutorial :)


First of all: Get a mp3 or wma file you want to share.
Download dBPoweramp music converter.
Its a free music converter, and works really great.
Download the OGG vorbis codec
Install it in the same directory where you installed dBPoweramp
Right click on the mp3/wma file and select "convert to"
convert the file to OGG Forbis format
Channels: Same as Source
Encoding: Variable
Frequency: Same as Source
Then press convert button.
Now after a lil while you will have a .ogg file. Looks nice he?
Now for the good thing: ITS SMALL!!! much smaller then mp3 :-)


For example:

I got this file:

radiohead_arpeggi_live_ether_27_03_05.mp3 5.67MB

and converted it to this:

radiohead_arpeggi_live_ether_27_03_05.ogg 2.57MB


You can convert whole album to .ogg and put them all in a .zip file.

With this you can make a 25mb download of 1 full album!!

When the person who wants to have the file wants it in mp3, he can convert it back in no time, just the same idea!!!!


Now for the sharing part:

go to http://www.yousendit.com/
put in a email adres (may be a email of someone who wants to receive the file, but may also be your own email :P)
select the file, then you can put in a comment or your own email....
Then upload it, this can take a lil while.
After that is done you will get a link, copy that link and paste it to the person you want to give the file....

you can also use:



now for my part: Here is the example file


Just click on FREE and wait till you can download, download the file and unpack it and play :)

(you will find out it's the 'radiohead_arpeggi_live_ether_27_03_05.ogg' file in a .zip file, just extract the file and listen to it ;))


I know winamp supports .ogg files, but if your player doesn't : download a codec or convert the files back to mp3...

It's much better to send a album of 25mb then sending a album of 70mb... And you wont even hear the difference ;)


Now that's my lil tutorial, when anyone got any questions... just ask :)

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