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SO FRUSTRATING! helpless me


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ok so i have to do a report for a class. and i have to be an advocate for michael schiavo in the terri schiavo case. it is very difficult because this is one of the few issues that i have NO answer for. i mean i can see where every side is coming from but for my report i have to be completely biased towards ONE side (michael schiavo). anyone whos opinion on this swings in the direction of michael schaivo/ judge greer, you are very much needed by me. i have alot of ideas but it is so hard to act like i am all for one particular side. PLUS the whole nation views Schiavo as a murdering culprit so its hard to find anything pro-michael schiavo online. NEED OPINIONS. and this isnt the tread to be like "damn america" or "cant help ya". please only post if u have a useful opinion. thanks. p.s. this is due thursday so no hurry....sorta. :)

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i have an idea-

there has been debate over whom should be allowed to make decsisions for thee brain dead (w/out a living will, mind you)-

but i say it should go to whoever paid taxes for said person.-

for instance Schiavo's parents had not paid her taxes for more than 5 years, whereas michael did, so he should have (and successfully did) the final say-

just my opinion. :kiss: (embarressing 2nd post, sorry)

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yes but that wasnt a viewpoint we could pick from. she gave us a veiwpoint. thank god. um.... thats a new one. i havent heard that opinion yet. however why is terri's case so media "frenzied" yet there are others....like the 3 u said....who have went through this. yet.. it seems that if the government or if any kind of person in a goverment position rules on something, its the end of the world and they re murderers however, if families do it its fine. whats the difference?

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