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Chris gets a haircut

Lolly Pop

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yeah i lurve :dozey: :blush: :kiss: lovely chris with his af- and now its gone again :cry: :cry: :cry: we should do a poll- chris better with or without the af? :lol: i prefer it when its really really short or mad- like in the shiver days! I thought the afro was back for good :huh:

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I personally like the short hair. It makes him look nice and clean cut...and not as if he just stumbled out of bed.




And you really should. Everyone here knows that after the music, it's allll about the hair with these lads.

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yea i like him with shorter hair but not super short like hes gone before the almost bald was not so great but this recent visit back to the shag was not workin for him. i think he looks best about in-between, it just looks the best kept and such doesn't make him looked too aged or too young, but just right :P but definitely glad he got a trim he needed one after that kcrw show :/

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