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Speed Of Sound 30 Sec intro on limewire.


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I was at the forums at coldplay.com and a poster said that there was a 30 second intro clip of speed of sound on limewire.So i had to check it out an it was!Its under "fix you' from the LA live show,even though they didnt play Fix You or it might be under another live show title,But just type in Coldplay-Fix You and it should appear.Its such a teaser.Cant wait til monday!

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i got it! it sounds great, but unfortunately im pretty sure, 99% sure its fake. I mean the vocals should kick in halfway through, so unless its an instrumental track made for some reason, i think its just someone similair to grover who is very good at covers....i doubt it is real, but thanks anyway! only time will tell, two more days!

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